No. 2 Issue: Beauty

I love flowers, but I don't know many of their names. Actually my mother's family name is Rose. And her mother, my grandmother, was also named after a flower: Iris Rose. I never knew her middle name. Maybe it was Daisy. Now that would be funny!

I was given free tickets to an Ikebana event in Nagoya. Ikebana is Japanese flower arrangement. I wasn't expecting much. But I was struck by how some pieces were more beautiful than others. And in looking at the various arrangements, I wondered what 'beauty' actually was. Is it something external? One of my students told me beauty is "something you want to keep looking at." Or is it something more? 

The Japanese love beauty and honor its fleeting nature with celebrations of "O-hanami" in the Spring, when they gather for a week and drink beer and tea under the cherry blossoms. And even the simplest home-cooked meals must have enough arrangement of color to make them more "beautiful."

Deadline: Rolling

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