a poem by Bruce Louis Dodson

Four Feet Over Six Feet Under

Our lustful need for one another

Turned combustible

And she had teenage kids awake at her place

Mine was thirty miles away.

She led me to a grassy, well kept graveyard

Where the night was still as death

I asked, "Aren't you afraid here?"

"It's the safest place in town," she said.

We made love on a marble slab at midnight

Undisturbed beneath a sickle moon

But I did not go back with her again

Into that quiet place

For reasons still uncertain.

Bruce Louis Dodson is an expat living in Borlänge, Sweden, where he writes fiction and poetry. His most recent work has appeared in Tic Toc and Storm Cycle Anthologies (Kind of  Hurricane Press), Vine Leaves, Buffalo Almanac, Maintenant 14, Popshot, Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology, Whispers To Roars, Without Words Anthology, and many more.