a poem by Matt Barnsley

Baby Delilah Cries at the Moon

blackened baby hole,
a womb of concrete and water
impregnated two days ago
by fear, shame, and a rejection
of motherly love,
similar in means to Moses
but with opposing ends

aside from the audience
of alley cats and garbage
(and with the natural exception of her mother)
an old Puerto Rican woman
was the first to hear Delilah
still in pseudo-utero,
herald her own presence into the world
with red lights
camera crews
and a song
written about
and loneliness.

Matt Barnsley is the editor and founder of New American Legends, an online literary journal focusing on sci-fi, horror, and adventure aimed at uplifting underrepresented voices. He is also the author of several plays, most notably The Play My Mother Hates. His poetry has been featured in SPIRES. He is currently working on his second novel. He resides in Minnesota with an assortment of domesticated animals.